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09 September 2011

New Hyundai i30

New Hyundai i30

South Korean auto major Hyundai Motor Company Wednesday revealed the first picture of its new generation i30 hatchback, ahead of its unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week.

03 September 2011

Fractions of the quote rate

Commander in Pips: Ok, son, let’s continue with math. But before, I want to ask you – what do you know about the minimum fraction of a rate quote on FOREX?
Pipruit: Well, every quote that we’ve discussed previously has 4 decimal places. So, I suppose that it’s 0.0001.
Commander in Pips: Well, in general, you’re right – 0.0001 is a most common minimum fraction of rate and it is called a “pip”. Can you tell me, what move has happen in terms of pips if EUR/USD rate has increased from 1.3325 to 1.3383?

Intermediate Checkpoint

Commander in Pips: Ok, son, I think that now is the time when I will ask some questions and you will have to answer.
Pipruit: Well, Sir maybe we should study a bit more. I’m not sure that I’m ready to take a test yet.
Commander in Pips: Don’t worry, pal. This will just be shallow checkpoint that is based on a previous chapter – a single chapter. If you’ve listened carefully, you will not have any problem at all.
Pipruit: If you are saying it like that… I have nothing more than just to believe you. But I have to warn you, that I’ve skipped all the classes at McConnell-Brue’s Economics Course, so I’m absolutely flat with it.

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